Our channel in PornHUB


2016-09-19 12:43:13

There is no doubt that PornHub is the  largest? pornography site on the Internet. The Canadian company has been always giving to their users the latest trends in Porn and Technology among the industry and the users are not unaware of this, that’s why Similar web, a rank comparison tool, says it is the webpage # 22 in the world and the #19 in the United States. Check it Here

As being the biggest gambler in the industry it is not strange to see that they are the only big Porn Tube that allows to upload VR (Virtual Reality) and 360 videos. Their player is ready to show you a whole new way to experience the porn videos. This is the Porn Industry evolution. The reasons why Virtual360Sexxx open its own channel in the most relevant Tube were obvious.

Less than one month ago The Official virtual360Sexxx Channel were on air, we gave for free a couple of video to see how it behave on Porn Hub users and results didn’t give time to appear. In less than 2 weeks we had more than 60.000 views and our videos and subscribers were signing in on the channel.

Even though results are growing up quickly it is not weird at all since the experience of Virtual360Sexxx is very different than any other content that you could find in the Porn Industry. Latina woman, a whole VR and 360 experience awaits for users who are not only specters in front of the screen but become part of the scene. 

In this first edition we captured the moments of one of the most fanciest party in Colombia. Every video will put you in the middle of the scene were no matter where you watch, you will find action. 

Have you tried watching Porn in VR? 

Let us know how it was!